20Bids App: Download and Get Free 500MB Data

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Here is introducing you to another download and get free data app call 20Bids. The app offers free 500MB data to users when they download and register. It works similarly to Gidimo and Flaim app but are they are used differently. While the Gimido app is an educational app, and the Flaim app is a chat app, 20Bids app works more like an affiliate program. So before we begin, here is a brief info about the company called 20Bids.

About 20Bids

20Bids is a product review platform from market places like ebay, amazon, etsy, alibaba, takealot, jumia and more. The platform helps to provide consumers with information about their favorite gadgets and other items such as fashion and health care equipment. What the company does, is pay you for your regular online activities in promoting and creating constant awareness for our listed products. That is, you get paid, when join the platform and share their product links on social media.

Benefits Of Joining 20Bids

  1. You can earn $150 a month sharing products. In the share bonus you earn more than $20 per day, you can share 20 items in 1 hour and you can share for 20 hours a day, you can earn up to $150 or more per month.
  2. You earn $1.5 plus free Data subscription for every individual you refer to the platform and you can withdraw immediately referred user account is activated
  3. You earn 20% commission from the commission paid for the product you purchased and you can withdraw your gift bonuses once your order is confirmed from any of our market place partners
  4. You can earn $250 per month posting trendy products from our partners online market places to our website, once your post is verified and activated you can withdraw your bonuses before the 30th of every month.
  5. You can earn up to $1000 for becoming our agent, earn passive income by aiding us spread our services across the world. Make payment easy by providing a peer to peer payment solution for users in your country and we reward you with an instant commission per transaction done under you.

How To Get Your Free 500MB Data With 20Bids App

For you to get your own free 500MB, first, you need to download the 20Bids App from HERE. Note the app is free and safe to use.

The next step is to install and register with your personal details like email and phone number. Please do remember this details cause you will need them to redeem your free 500MB data. After successful registering your account, you will get a Pop-up like the one below.

The next step is for you to visit this link https://20bids.com and claim your free data. When you get to the link above, you will see page asking you for phone number and network provider. See image below;

Simply filling in your phone number and click you mobile network provider from the list provided. After doing this, you will get a success pop up message like the one below;

Please note that it could take up to 24 hours for you to get the free 500MB data. You can browse and download with the data and it works on all device. To check your free data balance, simply dial *461*6#.

How To Accumulate 20Bids Free Data

You can get up to 3GB or more using the app by simply referring more people to the platform. The more people you refer, the more free data you can accumulate.

Please kindly share with your friends and family. If you have any questions or trouble with the steps above, just drop a comment and I will get back to you. Remember to share with friends and family.

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