5 Reason Why Android is Better Than iOS

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Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS are two of the best and most popular operating systems in the world. To many, there is this constant battle between which operating system is the best. Whatever your choice may be, there are reasons for your preference. In this post, we shall be looking at some reasons, why Android is a better operating system, than the iOS from Apple. Before we begin, here are a few things you shall know.

About Android?

Android, although an open source, is an operating system owned by tech giant Google. While is was first unveiled back in November 2007, Android was originally founded in October 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. The OS is developed based a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software. Over the years, the OS has grown to the point, it is currently the worlds most installed mobile operating system. Its files are named with the .apk extension.

About iOS?

iOS is an operating system created and developed by Apple. Unveiled back in January 2007, and released in June that same year, iOS is currently, the second most installed mobile operating system after Android. While iOS is mostly managed by Apple, some parts of it are open source.

Why Android is a Better Operating System Than the iOS

Below are some of the reasons why I prefer or will choose an Android phone over and iPhone. While the listed points may be my own opinion, I believe some of you will agree with me that I might have a valid point. So here are the reasons for my choice.


  • Custom ROMs: One of the reasons I prefer an Android phone over iOS device, is the ease of customization. One of which is, you can actually replace the software that came with your device with a custom ROM. This freedom makes it the preferred option by many users of the device. You can ever go as far as replacing the OS with completely different operating systems. On iOS, you can not do this.
  • Customization: As earlier stated, one of the reasons Android is my preferred device, is the easiest to customize the device. You have the option to change your launcher, wallpaper, ringtones as well as themes of your device. On iOS, it is not that easy, ever if it can be done. With Android, you have to option to make the device your own by customizing it in your own way.
  • Easy Integration With Google Services: Android phones make it easy for users to integrate other Google services such as Emails, Google Drive and Chrome without much problem. Although these services are available on iOS, but with Android, it is still more easier.
  • More Apps: If you love apps, then you will agree with me that Android has more apps in its Play Store than on Apple App store. You have different options to choose from
  • Prices: It is no news that Android device comes way cheaper that iOS devices. Price is a factor when it comes to buying things.
These are some of the reasons I will say makes Android is Better Than iOS. While there are areas I didn’t mention here, I believe these points are easily related. You can drop your comments below to air your approve or disapprove of my points.

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