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GAWhatsApp APK is a WhatsApp mod from GAMOBS and it’s based on the regular WhatsApp version. It is different a Mod from the GAWhatsApp Business, which is based on WhatsApp Business. The Mod is designed to offer users with many features. You can send HD images on your status, change the color of the last appearance on the main screen and many more.

GAWhatsApp also offers users option to switch between dark and light mode before the feature was introduced in the original WhatsApp version. You can check out of the features offered by the Mod below.

GAWhatsApp Latest Features:

  • Update to developer base version 20.8
  • The ability to translate messages before sending them to several languages ​​(type the message to be translated, then press the translation icon, then choose the language you want to translate to)
  • Add an option to hide the message translation icon from the input box
  • Add option to color the translation icon to any color you want
  • The ability to view messages sent from any person in the group separately (open any group and then click on any name and then choose to view messages sent from this person or open the group profile and then choose any member and then choose to view messages sent from this member)
  • The possibility of arranging the display of messages according to the oldest or most recent after displaying the messages sent by anyone in the group
  • Add the old status (news) to the list (WhatsApp – the three dots – the status)
  • Add an option to change the media player when playing videos
  • The ability to cut and share videos for the status (home screen – status screen – cut icon)
  • Add an option to hide the video trim icon from the status screen
  • Add an option to show a notification when someone views your status
  • Add the ability to click on the description link in the case
  • Add an option to activate the pinning of more than 3 conversations on the main screen
  • Added an option to hide the chats screen, status and calls from the main screen
  • Adding the option of multiple chats to open more than one conversation in the background
  • Add option to send more than 30 photos at once from gallery
  • Added option to send more than 30 documents at once
  • Add an option to write a status (news) up to 256 characters instead of 139 characters
  • Add an option to hide videos from the gallery
  • Add option to hide photos from gallery
  • Add option to hide gif from gallery
  • Add an option to reset media masking options to default
  • Add an option to activate the night mode for the settings of add-ons and features
  • Add the ability to save profiles (display image) for groups and contacts
  • Add an option to decorate texts for several shapes and then copy or share them
  • Added an option to return privacy options to default
  • Spanish language support
  • Now when you exit the plugins and features settings, it will not restart automatically
  • Now when you exit the privacy settings it will not restart automatically
  • Now when you activate / cancel any option, it will restart automatically
  • The ability to open a chat option for an unsaved number by long pressing on the chat icon on the main screen
  • Possibility to enter privacy and lock options from WhatsApp settings
  • Possibility to enter add-ons and features options from WhatsApp settings
  • Add a “help” option in case you encounter any problem, you can enter to solve it without the Internet or contact the developer
  • Improvements to the lock with a number Now the numbers will appear in a way that suits the Arabic language
  • Improvements to the restore button in the number activation interface
  • New icon for the program
  • More fixes and improvements

Where To Download GAWhatsApp?

You can download the latest version of the app from the links below and enjoy all the amazing features.

App Info

  • App Name: GAWhatsApp
  • Current Version: 20.8
  • App Type: APK
  • App Size: 33MB
  • Requirements: Android 4+ and above
  • Developer: alabidi_tech

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