Glo Jollifi8 Free Browsing Cheat 2018 With HTTP Injector

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A contributor send this new Glo free browsing cheat to me and I will be sharing this with you. In this cheat, we will be making use of the popular Glo Jollifi8 plan offer and the popular HTTP Injector VPN. To enjoy this cheat, you need to get a new Glo SIM card and make sure to have at least 1MB data on it.

Please Note that the cheat doesn’t work well on older SIM card. You can try and see if it work well for you. Please use the comment box to drop your feed back.


  • A working Glo SIM card with at least 1MB data
  • A strong 3G/4G network
  • Migrate to Glo Jollification plan by dialing *603#
  • HTTP Injector VPN on your phone

How To Check If You Are Already On The Glo Jollifi8

To check your current data plan or to see if you are already on the Glo Jollifi8 plan, dial #100#.

To begin with, download HTTP Injector VPN to your phone from HERE. Then get a working Glo Jollifi8 SIM card or migrate with the code above and make sure to have with at least 1MB data on the SIM.

Now download the GLO JOLLIFI8 CONFIG FILE and import. To see how to import the files, simply visit HERE.

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