Glo Yakata Latest Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Using Http Injector

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Last year, we brought you the Glo Yakata unlimited free browsing cheat and it was hot. The cheat works without the use of a VPN Tunnel app before we started having issues with the cheat. Now the cheat is back and better and this time, it is working with the aid of the popular Http Injector Apk app which you can download from that link. Also, we have the latest working Glo ehi http injector configuration file for the cheat.

To enjoy this cheat, you need to activate it on the New Yakata Glo tariff plan. It works better with a new SIM, so it is better you get yourself a new SIM card. You can do so from any Glo service center around you. Now to the business of the day, simply follow the steps below and enjoy the latest blazing Glo Yakata unlimited free browsing cheat


  • An Android phone
  • Glo 4G or 3G
  • Glo New Yakata Tariff plan
  • 200 Naira Airtime for activation
  • Http Injector Tunnel which you can download from above

Latest Glo Yakata Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Settings

  • When you get a new Glo SIM card, it should already be on the New Yakata tariff plan. But you can also confirm just to be sure dialing #100#.
  • Now recharge your Glo SIM with N200 airtime. You’ll receive Glo New Yakata 200MB data bonus. Dial *127*0# or *230*1# to check bonus balance.
  • Next step is to connect with your Http Injector App.

Note: Your 200MB data won’t be touched, even if it will deduct, it won’t exceed 5MB but you will keep browsing unlimitedly.

  • The next step, will be to download the latest working Ehi Http Injector file 2020. You can download any file of your choice from the links below. They are all valid till 03/05/2020.

You can get all three files from the download link below

After downloading the files from the above link, all you need to do, is to launch your app, and then click on Import config, and the finally click the Start Button and enjoy your new free browsing cheat.

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