High Paying Technology Jobs You Can Secure Without a Degree

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It is always a common myth that you will get stuck doing minimum wage for the rest of your life if you lack a bachelor’s degree. If you are a student that struggles with homework, try getting essay writing help to boost your performance. On the contrary, there are tons of jobs out there that will suit you without having to step into college. Here are some of them.

  • Junior Data Analyst

Annual wage: $52,000

Data is a hot topic right now that analysts at entry-level can rake in a fair amount of money. The junior analyst research for data, come up with spreadsheets, and develop material to get analyzed. They then hand over the findings to their seniors, who get to handle the bulk.

  • Digital Marketer

Annual wage: $63,000

Internet marketing is one of the significant ways a company reaches out to customers in the present. Digital marketers make this possible in search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and email marketing. A digital marketer should specialize in only one of the above areas.

  • Cyber Security Analyst

Annual wage for entry-level: $63,000

Several professionals in this field who attain degrees of four years jump straight for higher positions after completing their studies, creating a gap for entry-level employees to handle most of the day-to-day work. They mostly review logs, managing necessary testing, or controlling the settings of a given network.

  •  Multimedia artist

Annual wage: $63,000

Most artists of multimedia hold degrees, but they are not a stringent requirement in the field. They get entangled with various technologies and programs to make animations, commercials, special effects, and video games.

  • Web Developer

Annual Wage: $64,000

They are the force behind the workings of the internet. Their work mainly consists of designing, creating, and maintaining websites. To do this, they will need to code for the website, develop layout decisions, come up with an interface, and solve problems that may arise. Most developers teach themselves.

  • Web designer

Annual wage: $66,000

Web developers typically work behind a website’s scenes, which is the back end of the site. The front end gets managed by designers, who work on everything you can see on the web page. It entails the appearance of the website, images, layout, and content.

  • Mobile application developer

Annual wage: $76,000

In the present times, most businesses need a website and a supportive app that can get used on mobile devices. That said, mobile app developers are currently in high demand. They code, test, and debug apps. In this area, skill and experience hold much more weight than formal education.

  • Software engineer

Annual wage: $79,000

Like application and web development, software engineering is a high demand skill that many people learn independently. A degree cannot give proof that you understand what you do. The software engineers deal with designing, developing, testing, installing, and maintaining the software. Several engineers would specialize in system software or application software. Therefore, you do not need to go through college to learn the basics of a software engineer. You need to get down and know it by an apprentice or by yourself. That is the only way out.

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  1. Ibrahim Zakir says:

    Really helpful, I wish to be a mobile app developer but do lack the skills.

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