How to Change Huawei Celia Keyboard Theme

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Huawei Celia Keyboard is the company’s own Keyboard and its alternative to the popular Google and Microsoft Swifted Keyboard. The Chinese tech giant recently launched this and it is available for both Huawei and Honor devices. The app which comes with some amazing and unique features, can be downloaded from AppGallery. Some of these features of the app include, mechanical keyboard mode, numerous emoji expressions, and more.

Celia keyboard supports over 170 languages and offers 1000 different emojis to make your conversations more interactive. Besides all these admirable features, the keyboard also has several theme options.

It has two different parts – the app and the keyboard and both of them hold several customizable options in order to personalize the keyboard as per the user’s wish. The theme is the one that decides the user interface of the keyboard and having a nice theme will make your typing experience more enjoyable.



  1. Key Input Celia Keyboard supports Qwerty, Qwertz, Azerty, Colemak, and Dvorak layouts.
  2. Glide Input (Gesture Typing) For some languages, Celia Keyboard allows you to type by gliding, without lifting your finger from the screen. This can greatly improve the efficiency of input.
  3. Voice Input Celia Keyboard supports voice input (it uses Huawei ASR), and improves user input efficiency and convenience by converting voice to text.
  4. Input Prediction Celia Keyboard provides input prediction. Complete words are suggested based on the letters the user has typed so far. For example, when the user enters “h” and “a” on the English keyboard, Celia will suggest words such as “have” and “happy”, and the user can enter the complete word by tapping it.
  5. Auto-correction Celia Keyboard is the intelligent keyboard that corrects spelling mistakes made by the user when typing. For example, when the user enters “happu” on the English keyboard, “happy” will be recommended as the correct spelling, and the user can click on the word or the Space key to display the correct word.
  6. Next-word Suggestion Celia Keyboard will intelligently suggest the next word a user may want to input, based on the context information entered by the user. For example, after the user enters the word “happy”, Celia Keyboard may suggest words such as “birthday” to the user in the prediction bar.
  7. Clipboard Celia Keyboard provides the clipboard function, allowing users to manage and use their own clipboard more conveniently.
  8. Cursor Operation Celia Keyboard supports cursor operation, allowing users to easily select, copy, cut, and delete text.


  1. Emoji Input Celia Keyboard provides more than 1,000 different emoji expressions, allowing users to express themselves more vividly in a chat.
  2. Emoticon Input Celia Keyboard provides a wealth of emoticons to meet the needs of users for personalized expression in a chat.


  1. Theme Celia Keyboard comes with four simple themes for users to choose from.
  2. Font Celia Keyboard provides a range of beautiful fonts for free, and users can select the fonts on the keyboard.
  3. Sound Celia Keyboard supports a range of keypress sounds for free, and users can change the key tone of the keyboard.

How You Can Change Celia Keyboard Theme

The Celia Keyboard app offers four different sets of themes for your keyboard. And you can set it up directly from the keyboard or from the app. Here’s how to change the theme:

  • Via keyboard

Tap on the keyboard icon on the top left corner > Theme > Select from the given themes

  • Via app

Open the Celia Keyboard app > Theme > Select from the given themes

Where to download the Latest Version of Huawei’s Celia Keyboard?

You can download the latest version of Huawei Celia Keyboard from the link below.

Application Information

App Name: Celia Keyboard
File Size: 29MB
File Type: APK
Developer: Huawei

These are the way you can easily change your Celia Keyboard Theme on your Huawei and Honor devices. Please kindly drop a comment if this post was helpful. Also, don’t forget to share with friends.

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