How To Hide Phone Number In Telegram

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Telegram comes as one of the best alternatives to the popular WhatsApp application. For those who don’t know, it is a cloud-based messaging and VOIP service, that allows users to send and receive messages, photos, video, audio, as well as other files.

The app is available across multiple platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android. Telegram may be a great app to use, but it may not be all that safe. According to reports, messages send on the platform, are encrypted only on the client-side. What it means, is that it has no end-to-end encryption for messages.

As you may well know, signing up for Telegram requires the use of your phone number. This will grant you access to make and receive calls via the platform. With the security issues listed above and many others, this has prompted many using the app to search for a way to still use it, but without having their contact revealed. That is, still sending messages, but doing it anonymously. For this reason, we will be sharing with you, how to hide your phone number, while using the Telegram app.

How To Hide Your Phone Number on Telegram?

Telegram works in a similar way, your WhatsApp messenger works. For you to chat or communicated with someone, both parties must have each others phone number stored on their phone. So how do you hide your phone number on Telegram, so others don’t see it. This is pretty simple and all you have to do, is follow the steps below.

  • Start by opening Telegram and tapping on Settings located in the lower right-hand corner
  • Next is to tap on Privacy and Security
  • Under the Privacy and Security option, locate and tap on Phone number
  • Under Phone number, you will see “who can see my phone number”
  • Simply select the Nobody option and you have successfully hidden your number from everyone.

Now that is how you can hide your phone number on the Telegram app. I hope the post was helpful. Please drop your comments below.

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