How To Use 9mobile 2.5GB SocialPak Cheat On KPN Tunnel Rev

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The 9mobile 2.5GB SocialPak Cheat has been blazing for some time now and I hope you have been enjoying it. In the first cheat, we showed you how to use on the TLS Tunnel VPN, but today, I will be sharing how to use this on KPN Tunnel Rev. This is a faster and more stable version of the cheat and I hope you also enjoy it.

KPN Tunnel Rev has been a major source of free internet browsing cheat on this blog and it is here to help again. It is free, easy to use as well as very safe.


  • Your Android phone
  • A 9mobile 3G or 4G SIM
  • 9mobile SocialPak bundle
  • And KPN Tunnel Rev

9mobile 2.5GB SocialPak Cheat Settings On KPN Tunnel Rev

The process is the same as that of the TLS Tunnel VPN we share some time ago. Start by downloading the latest version of KPN Tunnel Rev from HERE. Then install the app and then subscribe to 9mobile N350 SocialPak plan by dialing *200*3*3*2#. This plan is valid for 30 days, which is a month plan. Dial *228# for the 500MB balance.

Note the 2GB data is a hidden offer that can only use via VPN. Next is to download the 9mobile SocialPak 2GB and 500MB KPN files from HERE and HERE. The first file is for the 2GB 9mobile data, while the other is for the 500MB data. You can also download the 2in1 KPN files from HERE and HERE.

How To Import And Use File?

Just go to download and search for the KPN files you have downloaded and click on import. After that, click on the vertical line option and then tick the SSH Tunnel option, go back and then click on start. It will take a few seconds to connect, then enjoy the latest 9mobile 2.5GB SocialPak free browsing cheat using KPN Tunnel Rev.


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