Latest Ntel Free Browsing 2021 {Unlimited}

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For all our Ntel users in the house, here is the latest unlimited free browsing from Ntel 4G. This browsing trick has been on for some time now and I will like to share it with you.

As you may well know, Ntel is one of the fastest 4G LTE internet service providers in the country. Recently, it happens to be a glitch in the company’s system and people have been reportedly browsing with their SIM. If you are wondering how you can enjoy this trick with others, then you are in the right place.

Latest Ntel Free Browsing Settings:

Like I said above, this is a glitch and you don’t really require any settings. All you need to do is simply insert your Ntel SIM into your phone or MIFI and start browsing. Yes, just do that, and enjoy this latest unlimited free browsing from Ntel.

So if you are among the lucky users of Ntel SIM, please kindly drop your comments via the comment box to let us know if the cheat is working for you. Also, please do share with your friends and loved ones.

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