Ntel Unlimited Free Browsing For July 2018

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A new info just got to me saying you can browse free of charge on your Ntel SIM card. Yes, you heard me right, you can now enjoy Ntel Unlimited Free Browsing on your phone right now. For some time now, Ntel was experiencing some problem, but it seems after fixing the problem, they allowed all customers to browse free. The company has earlier sent an apology message to customers acknowledging the problem and also promised to fix it.

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It seems the free browsing is a way of compensating customers for the downtime experience for all most 48 hours. The free browsing works on all devices and does not require any special settings. All you have to do, is to insert your Ntel SIM in our Mifi, modem or mobile phone and enjoy unlimited surfing and downloads.

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The free browsing is still ongoing at the time of writing this post; so go grab your old Ntel SIM and enjoy while it last. Some have already downloaded up to 10GB worth of files using the new Ntel Unlimited Free Browsing. So enjoy and feel free to drop your comments below.

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