Power All App With Latest 9Mobile Anonytun MOD VPN Browsing Cheat

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Today we are bringing you the latest Anonytun MOD VPN settings using the 9mobile Special Smart Pak, that can be used power all apps on your phone. The Social Smart Pak recently, was revisited by 9mobile and an upgrade was made. To new plan now offers 1.5GB data for N500 and 2GB worth of data for just N700.

The only downside to this offer, is that it can only be used to access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. While the offer cannot be used to access the web, we have designed a new method for that. With this latest cheat, you will be able to surf the web as well as download.

9mobile Special Pak

The plan is available in two forms, one cost N500 and the other N700. The one of the N500 is called Special Smart Chat Pak and the N700 own is called Special Smart Social Pak. To be able to use this offer, you must be on the Morecliq plan. To migrate to  Morecliq, simple *200*4*2*1# and you are good to go. See more HERE.

Requirement For 9Mobile Anonytun MOD VPN Browsing Cheat

  • Your Android Phone
  • A 9mobile 3G or 4G SIM card
  • The new Anonytun MOD VPN
  • And a Special Smart Pak plan

How to Configure Anonytun Mod VPN For 9mobile Smart Pak Free Browsing

  • The first thing you need to do, is to download the Anonytun Mod VPN from HERE.
  • Next, you launch the app and select Stealth Settings
  • 3. Now switch On Stealth Tunnel
  • After that, Input Connection Protocol as HTTP
  • Port as 8080
  • Tap on edit Custom TCP/HTTP Header.
  • Under URL/Host Input Viber.com
  • Set Request Mode to POST
  • On the extra headers, tick Online Host, Forward Host and Keep Alive.

After the settings above, save and go back, connect and enjoy. Please kindly share with your friends and also you can use the comment box for questions and inquires. We will be glad to hear from you.

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