Unlimited Internet Trick On Moov Gabon Using HeaderTun

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After dropping the first free browsing trick for my Ghanaian readers, I have decided to also help my Gabon readers with their own version. Just like that of the MTN Ghana Free Browsing Cheat, this cheat requires the used of the HeaderTun VPN app. This cheat is designed for Moov users in Gabon and does not require any data or credit balance.

This cheat has been tested and confirmed working. So let head straight to the matter of the today. The trick is unlimited and you can download and surf with a better and fast internet speed. To enjoy this free browsing cheat, simply follow the steps below and flex the latest Moov free browsing cheat.

1. A Gabon Moov sim card with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS or PC
3. Your HeaderTun or any tunneling app of your choice (Find link below)
4. The configuration settings

1. Download the HeaderTun app from the link above.
2. Install the app and then open it.
3. Click on Stealth settings and then turn it on


  • Connection Protocol: TCP
  • Connection Port: 8080
  • Connect via Parent Proxy: Tick it
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80 and click OK
  • Custom TCP/HTTp Headers: Enable
  • Host: Click here to download Host
  • Request Method: Connect
  • Injection Method Normal: Normal
  • Online Host: Tick

Now click save in the Stealth Settings. After that click on connect and then wait for your HeaderTun app to connect, then enjoy free unlimited Internet trick.

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  1. Glitz says:

    Please how do I download the host file?
    I can’t click.
    Please for the file download link. ??

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