Vintage Picture Apps for Android – Look back in time

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Open up your social media account at any part of the day, and you will come across many beautifully edited beautiful pictures of all kinds. These days it is a common practice to modify photographs with beautiful light leaks, grains, and Polaroid effects to make them look outstanding. Such pictures are meant to give a laid-back, retro, and throwback feel, which is hugely popular among people these days.

The word ‘vintage’ has become a huge rage amongst social media users, and many photo apps have introduced their version of vintage filters for the users. Before we talk in detail about the best vintage camera apps, let’s first see why we need these photo editing programs in the first place.

Why Need Photo Editing Camera Apps?

If you want to make your pictures pop, then there is no better way than using a vintage camera app. Here, we will discuss the most common reasons why we need to have camera filters.

Apps Come With a Better Variety of Filters

The demand for vintage camera apps is on the rise, but these programs also offer a range of other fascinating filters that you can play with. However, you will find some apps that dedicate themselves to only certain filters and effects. With camera apps, you can mix up varied filters to provide a unique twist to the image.

Apps Have Selective Editing

These tools have the power to change an entire image and let you focus on specific areas of the photo. You might have noticed that certain parts of the picture require more editing than the rest of the image. This is especially the case when pictures are taken in challenging lighting conditions that overexpose or underexpose certain areas.

With camera filters, you can completely change the outlook by defining and working on specific areas of the image.

Apps have advanced focal effects

You have taken a beautiful picture of yours, but you do not like the background. What do you do then? Crop the image in a way that the background is stripped off? This would only ruin the quality of your picture. Rather, you can apply a background blur to the image and make your picture look livelier.

Background blur is especially trending these days, and people often use this effect using apps. Take full advantage of this trend and turn your pictures into something special.

Apps offer great beautifying effects

If your social media profile has a lot of selfies and modeling images, then you certainly need an app that applies beautifying effects to your images. These apps have filters that minimize the amount of preparation that one needs. The effect will take care of all the little blemishes and make sure your makeup looks perfect. These apps are a perfect way to come up with flattering snaps; after all, this is what we take snaps for.

Which is the best vintage camera app?

There is no doubt that the vintage camera app can greatly enhance your images. But how do you get your hands on the ideal app, especially when there are tons of programs flooding the market?

With our handy guide, you will have an overview of the best vintage camera app that you can use to create stunning images.

Camera Filters for Instagram – Lomograph

Instagram camera filters or Lomograph camera app by Content Arcade is the most popular app in the vintage filter arena. You will even find popular influencers and celebrities endorsing this amazing app and using it for their own pictures. With its whole range of filters and light leaks, you will have a genuine experience in creating vintage-like feel images.

You can click the image through the app and apply as many filters as you want randomly. Since it is popular for its vintage effects, you will find this one to be fascinating.


Do you want to give your pictures the feel of the late 90s? Well, Huji is the perfect vintage camera app for you. You can recreate the raw effects on your phone with this incredible software. The filters you find in the apps are superbly amazing, but it comes with limited controls that allow you to click the image or enable the flash. To give you the perfect vintage feel, the app’s interface also looks like a knock-off of an old camera.

1998 Cam

The 1998 Cam is a free vintage camera app that is used by both Android and iOS users and has grown in popularity since 2019. You not only get to edit the image directly taken from the app, but you can also edit pre-existing images using the whole range of editing options.

Parting Words

These vintage camera apps come with plenty of cool effects that you can apply to your photos. Just make sure you pick an app that applies a range of effects without compromising the quality of the image.

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