5 Best Free VPN For Android {Freemium} 2023

Are you looking for the best free VPN app you can use for your Android phone. Do you value your online privacy, but low on budget and you are looking for the best free VPN app around. If your answer is yes, then this post is for you.

Today we shall be looking at some of the best VPN apps you can use on your Android phone without paying a cent. While this service offers free plans, they also offer premium (paid) service if you are looking to get more services. Before we begin the post, let me explain what a VPN is for those who don’t know the mean.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network and it gives you online privacy by anonymously, creating a private network from a public internet connection. What this means, is that it helps mask your internet protocol (IP) address so your online presences is kept from prying eyes.

When you use a VPN, you protect or prevent your PC or smartphone from sharing what you are doing with third parties or those spying on you. A VPN helps to create a safe, secure and encrypted connection between two networks or between an individual user and a network.

What is A Free VPN?

A free VPN offers you access to a VPN server network without you paying for it. What this means, is that the services offered comes free of change.

Difference Between A Free VPN And Paid VPN

There are many differences between a paid VPN and a free VPN service. Check out some of them below;

  • Nothing is completely free on earth, free VPN may come at no charge, but the providers must be making money from it in some way. And this may include selling your browsing data to third-parties. With the paid version, you get the privacy you want.
  • While the paid version grants you unlimited access, the free version limits the amount of data and speed you can use.
  • With a paid VPN, you get technical Support but the free version doesn’t offer this option.
  • The free VPN must times come with annoying ads that you can’t find on the paid version.
  • The paid version comes with a more secure encryption, but the free version is not that secure.

Why Use A Free VPN?

After reading about the difference between a free and a paid VPN, one is forced to ask,  why use a free VPN service knowing the disadvantages?

The answer to that question, may depend on the user and one of such answer may include you trying a VPN service to know how good it is. Another good reason for using a free VPN service could be just to access some contents that are not available in your region that are not very sensitive.

Top 5 Best Free VPN For Android

While we have listed some of the reasons to use a free VPN service, next we will be taking a look at some of the best free VPN providers around. Check out the list below;

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is regarded as the best free VPN service to use on your device. It offers users 500 MB of free data daily and you can only connect to two servers. This VPN also comes with ads and not the best VPN for streaming. You can download Hotspot Shield from HERE.


The second best free VPN to recommend, is Windscribe and this offers users 10GB free data to for a month when you sign-up with your email. It has an inbuilt ad and malware blocker feature and also offers split tunneling. This is a great free VPN service for streaming. You can download Windscribe from HERE.


This is one of the best VPN services around and it offers a good encryption. The service lets you connect to servers from 3 locations. ProtonVPN can be used to unblock streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. Note that this VPN cannot used to access torrent sites. You can download ProtonVPN from HERE.


Speedify offers 5GB of free data monthly to users. The free version allows you access to 5 servers and you can stream torrent sites with it. You can also stream websites like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify using Speedify VPN. You can download Speedify VPN from HERE.


Hide.me free VPN offers users 2GB free data monthly. The free version has access to 5 servers, you can be used to access some streaming websites like Spotify and Kodi. You can download Hide.me from HERE.

These are my top five (5) list of best free VPN for Android. You can drop yours via the comment box below or tell us which should be added or removed from the list above.

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