Best Websites To Download Free TV Series and Movies 2023

The internet is a great place that houses a lot of stuff, many of which are free. It has made entertainment easy and fun without you having to leave your house. It has also made it possible for users to do so much more simply by the touch of a button. You can at the comfort of your home, watch or stream your favorite tv shows as well as movies right on your smartphones and PC.

As we all know, watching movies, is a form of relaxation which is great for both the mind and body. Nowadays, you don’t need to visit the cinemas or the video rental shop before you can see your favorite movies. Simply made a search on the internet, and you can download or stream all the latest and newest movies straight on your device. So if you are a movie lover like me, then this post is for you. It contains a list of some of the best and popular websites where you can download free movies and series.

These free movie download sites, offers some of the best series and blockbuster you can think of. They offer these in various forms such as, 3GP, TS, MP4, BRRip, Web-Dl, Blu-rays and many more. So are lightweight so you don’t have to spend more on internet data just to download a single file. So without wasting anymore of your time, below are the top and best websites to download free TV Series and movies.

Public Domain Torrents: Torrents is a very popular place to get free stuffs and movies is one of them. The site offers some of the best movies and series at a very high video quality. Forms of videos available on Torrents include Blu-ray, DVD, UHD, HD, DIVX, AVI and 4k video quality format. Please note that you need to install torrent software such as BitTorrent client or UTorrent on your computer or mobile phone for you to download free TV show and movie.

Fzmoviesz: This website offers both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It also offers users access to download free TV shows and series in different formats. Some of the video formats include, 3GP, TS, MP4, BRRip, Web-Dl, PDVDRip, Blu-rays and many more. Its video qualities are great and compress size. While Torrent offers quality videos of up to 1TB, Fz Movies offer that same video for about 200GB to 300GB. So you can see, if you don’t want to spend so much on data, then Fz Movies is the right choice.

New Toxic: New Toxic formerly called Toxic Wap offers users the chance to download both movies and series on its platform free of charge. Just like Fz Movies, ToxicWap videos are of great qualities and also compressed to size. One area, when ToxicWap videos differ from FzMovies is that, they come in parts. A single video uploaded on FzMovies is split into parts on New Toxic. Video formats are mainly available in MP4.

O2TV Series: This site offers some of the best and latest TV series and shows you can find on the internet. Videos are available in both 3GP, MP4 and HD format, all for free. You can download some episode of a series with just 45MB worth of data. The best thing about O2Tv Series, is that its, video and not that large, but are of high qualities. It also has a sister website, more like a backup called TvShows4mobile.Com.

HD Mp4mania: This site I believe, is also owned by O2Tv Series. While O2Tv Series offers TV shows and series, HD Mp4mania offers free movie downloads. Just like ToxicWap, its movies are also split into parts. They offer movies at a high quality and also compressed to size. They also offer videos in different formats like 3GP, TS, SCam, DvdScr, MP4, BRRip, Web-Dl, PDVDRip, Blu-rays and many more.

Tvshows4mobile: This website is like a sister site to O2TV series. It offers you all the latest series and TV shows for free. You can also, get these shows in different formats.

MP4mania: This website offer movies in high resolution formats form. Just like O2TV series and TVShows4Mobile, MP4mania act like a sister site to HD Mp4mania. The platform allows you to download your favorite movies and TV series, as well as stream it online all for free.


These are some of the top and best websites to download free TV Series and movies on your device. If you have any questions regarding the post or contribution, please use the comment box below. Also kindly share this link with your friends, if it was helpful thanks.

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