Airtel Latest Free Browsing Cheat Using Stark VPN Reloaded App – 2021

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The Stark VPN Reloaded App has been the go app for free browsing for quite a while now. Just recently, I dropped the Glo Unlimited version of the app and now, I am about to share the latest working Airtel Free Browsing Cheat using the app. The cheat used to be unlimited, but has now been capped at 500MB, which is still better than nothing.

One great feature of using Stark VPN Reloaded App is that you don’t need to import any file, like you do on Http Injector and Http Custom injector. All you need to do is just to select the tweak and connect. Before we begin, here are some of the rules below, you need to follow before it can work for you.


  • A working Airtel SIM (3G or 4G)
  • Your Android Phone
  • And the Stark VPN Reloaded App, which you can download from HERE.

Here To Set Up And Configue the Airtel Latest Free Browsing Cheat With Stark VPN Reloaded App

  • Start by downloading and installing the latest version of Stark VPN Reloaded App from the download link above
  • After downloading and installing the app, open the app and tap on the menu at the top left.
  • Next, you then select “Update Tweak“.
  • After updating, click on the three settings icon to load up tweaks.
  • Then select “Ng-Airtel 500MB daily” from the list.
  • After doing that, simply click on the big red button to connect.
  • And start enjoy your free browsing
  • That’s all.

Note: For the cheat to work, you will need small data to update the tweaks, so you can make a N100 (Naira). Don’t cause your data will not be deducted. So enjoy, share and comment below. I help this post was helpful.

12 comments on "Airtel Latest Free Browsing Cheat Using Stark VPN Reloaded App – 2021"

  1. Matthew Emmanuel Olamide says:

    The Airtel unlimited and unlimited 2 is not working again everyone have been complianing about it is their anything you can do about to that please i will be greatful if you will reply me please

  2. Drexis says:

    Hello larry, the app is great , but all of Sudden my airtel 500mb stopped working and it doesn’t seem to even connect again, please is there a fix to this

  3. Lemi Lence says:

    Hello my name is Lemi Lence I like the stark VPN so much thank ???

  4. Princess Ossai says:

    Mine is no longer connecting without data Airtel 500mb, I don’t know why please help

  5. RM says:

    Airtel were aware about the cheat, that why they decide to block it.

  6. Drexis says:

    Please which other cheat is now available

  7. Jorel says:

    The airtel 500mb stopped working

  8. Akpan Julie says:

    Notify me of any new cheat.

  9. DREXIS ZEUS says:

    Hello Larry,can you please make a cheat for glo

  10. ADEMOLA JR says:


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