3 Easy Steps To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Lately a good number of people have been losing their Facebook accounts to hackers. The platform has become the most targeted since it is the most popular social media site on earth. With internet scam on the increase, these hacked Facebook accounts, are either used by hackers to scam people or they just steal your personal data. Be it any of the above, it is frustrating losing your Facebook or any social media account to hackers.

Many people have become victim to Facebook hack and today we will share with you, how you can easily recover your Facebook hacked account. Although Facebook has steps laid out to recover hacked account, still many aren’t aware of this. This may be largely due to lack of techniques know how or just ignorance. Before we begin, let’s take a look at the various possible hack.

Steps Taken By Hackers To Prevent You Accessing Your Hacked Account

1) Password Changed: This is one of the most common methods used by hackers. When they gain access to your hacked Facebook account, all they do, is just to change your password thereby depriving you access to your account.

2) Change of Associated Email: In this step, the hacker after changing your password, also decides to change the email address associated with the account. When this is done, he or she has total control over your Facebook account.

3) Change of Mobile Number Associated With The Account: In this step, the hacker changes the mobile number associated with the hacked account. By so doing, he or she, gets the notifications when you try to access the account. When he or she deletes your number and add his, you no longer have access to the account.

Various Ways Hackers Used To Hack Facebook Account

1) Obtaining Login And password Guessing: This method involves the hacker getting access to your email or phone numbers and then guessing your password. Hackers can obtain your email or phone number by visiting your Facebook profile under the about page. Most people fall victim to this hack because they use their phone numbers as password. If you are one of such, you stand the chance of losing your Facebook account to hackers.

2) Sending Your Links To Sign Up Using Your Facebook Details: Another method hackers use to gain access to your Facebook account, is by sending you a link. When you click on this link, you get a pop up page asking you to provide your Facebook login details. Doing this will lead to losing your account as the hacker will end up, change your password and login details.

How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hacker

  1. Do not use any easy to guess password such as 123456, 000000
  2. Do not use your phone number as your password or your login details as your password. This is the first thing any hacker does before going into serious hacking technic.
  3. Do not click on any link you did not sign up for. Also, do not provide your Facebook account details to any website cause it may just be a site created to steal your login details.
  4. Try to hide your phone number or email address on your Facebook account.
  5. Do not share your login details with anyone, It is against Facebook Rules And Policy

How To recover Hacked Facebook Account

1) How to recover a Facebook account whose password has been changed:
To do this, simply go to the Facebook Forgot Password option
Then Enter your email or mobile number or username in the text box and click search.
Then your recovery email address and mobile number should pop up, if you have added any. Now select mobile number or email address you have access to.
Click Continue
Now go to your mailbox if you choose email or check your phone for text message if you choose mobile number
Enter the recovery code to continue.
The nest step is for you to set up a new password and you are done.

2) How to recover hacked Facebook account who’s associated e-mail has been changed
You should use this method only if your account was hacked only in a few days. Start by login to your email account used on your Facebook account and search for emails from Facebook about the change of email address. Usually, that email subject would be “Facebook primary email changed to”.
Click “If you didn’t do this, please secure your account.” link in that email.
You will be prompted to “Secure your account“, click continue to proceed.
In the next step, there might be a variety of recovery options given depending upon your account and security.
Upload an ID: You should upload a government ID through the given steps. A Facebook representative will verify it and activate your account and also will notify you about it on your email
Verify Your Date of Birth: You should enter your date of birth to proceed to your Facebook account.
Guess your friends using their photos: You need to select the name of 5 out of out of the 7 photos provided.

3) How to Recover Hacked Facebook account If you no longer have access
In this step, go to Facebook Forgot Password option
Just like the step above, enter your email or mobile number or username in the text box and click search.
Then click on “No longer have access to these?” will you see this option at the bottom of the reset password dialog box.
Now after doing this, you will be directed to extend recovery options. This step may vary for different Facebook accounts
Security Question: This option is unavailable for new Facebook accounts, but older Facebook users can make use of it. You can answer this question to proceed to set a new password if it is listed as one of the extended recovery options.

Trusted Contacts: You can use this option only if you have already chosen trusted contacts.
Enter a new email address or phone that you know you can access and click Continue.
Click Reveal My Trusted Contacts and type the full name of one of your trusted contacts.
You’ll see a set of instructions that includes a URL. The URL contains a special security code that only your trusted contacts can access. Call your friends and give them the URL so that they can open the link and give the security code to you.
Use the security codes from your trusted contacts to access your account.


These are some of the steps you can use to recover your hacked Facebook account. I hope the methods work for you, please share with friends, if the post was helpful to you.

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