How To Recover Deleted Files From Rooted & Non Rooted Device

Do you know the feelings you get when you accidentally deleted an important file from your device? Yeah, that feeling and trust me it is not funny at all. Today I will like to share with you, a simple method you can use to recover lost data or deleted files from your Android device. The process is simple and very straight forward for any users. But before you try this process, first check your device backups (Google drive) to see if the file or data are still there. If not, then follow these steps below.
The method I am sharing with you, works on both rooted and non rooted Android smartphones. To begin, remember to turn off your internet connections to prevent automatic updates from occurring. This is a safer method for recovering your lost data. Most files and data are stored on a MicroSD card on your phone. So to recover these files, you need to download a PC app called Recuva. The app comes in both free and paid versions, but the free version works just fine.
After downloading and installing the app on your PC, connect your MicroSD card into your PC or laptop. Open the Recuva app, and you will be prompted to choose the file you are trying to recover. You will see options like pictures, video, text file and more. After selecting your option, the program will ask where to look for the data. All you have to do, is select your MicroSD and hit the next button. And the program will help recover your files.
For files or data located on your Android smartphones internal memory, this program will not work. What you need to do, is to install a mass storage enabler app, enabling it, and use Recuva to detect and scan your phone.
This is a safer method to recover your deleted files, but the best option still remains, always backing up your stored data. You can do this by connecting your phone to your PC or Laptop and then transfer all your important file to your PC or any other external storage device.

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