MTN 2020 Free Browsing Cheat Settings Using Anonytun VPN

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Hello fans and followers of its officially 2019 and as promised, we have vowed to keep up informed of all the latest free browsing trick and cheats in town. Today, we will be updating you with the latest MTN 0.0k free browsing, using the popular Anonytun VPN app.

This post is among one of the many free browsing tweak to hit your phone this 2019. I have also taken time to regular updated the Spark VPN, Http Injector, and KPN Tunnel Rev free cheat, which you can see by visiting our Free Browsing Cheat section. We regularly update those posts, so stay we us to get more updates.

Now to the matter at hand, first you need to download Anonytun VPN app from the link above. Then follow the steps below to configure your anonytun app, and enjoy this new MTN 2019 Free Browsing Tweak.

How To Configure Anonytun VPN Settings To Work Using MTN SIM?

To begin, simply open the app and do this;

  • Connection protocol – TCP
  • Connection Port – 443
  • Turn on the switch to connect via parent proxy
  • Edit and set parent proxy and port as and 8080 as port
  • Turn on the switch custom TCP/http headers
  • Edit custom TCP/http headers
  • URL/host:
  • Request method: CONNECT
  • Injection method: Normal
  • Tick keep-alive and user-agent
  • Press generate and validate and save

Save all settings and connect

NOTE: Please note that this configuration works on MTN 0.0k SIM with no data balance or airtime. The only challenge with the cheat, is that it is capped so just in case it stops, simply open the app again and change host to

I hope you enjoy and share with your friends, please feel free to share your thoughts with us, using the comment box below. Thanks

26 comments on "MTN 2020 Free Browsing Cheat Settings Using Anonytun VPN"

  1. JoeyJ says:

    Hello.. does it work in Ghana too? Or strictly Nigeria

  2. jay says:

    Help Ghanaians

  3. Kelvin says:

    Comment: must my data connection be on for it to work

  4. Qbik says:

    Still working?

  5. simon says:

    Am kindly asking for the settings for Zambia

  6. Chomba says:

    Settings for Mtn Zambia would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Favour says:

    Setting for mtn Zambia would be greatly appreciated

  8. kabwe says:

    settings for Zambia I will appreciate

  9. Albert says:

    Comment:it was working here in Zambia but unfortunately it stopped..we will greatly appreciate your help

  10. enock Chabala says:

    settings for Zambia I will strongly appreciate!

  11. Paul says:

    Zambia Settings we will love it

  12. Patrick says:

    Help us Zambians please

  13. Isaac says:

    Great work done

  14. Billy says:

    Thanks guys

  15. Bishet says:

    Zambian settings

  16. Felicia says:

    Pliz help mtn (Zambia )

  17. David says:

    Zambia settings

  18. Percy says:

    I’m from Nigeria but still not working

  19. Steven says:

    Hi Larry. Could you get me the settings for Rogers in canada. Thanx

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