How To Use MTN Hammer VPN Free Browsing Cheat On PC

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The MTN Hammer VPN free browsing cheat has been blazing on Android phones and many have been enjoying it. Today I am sharing how to use the free browsing cheat on your PC or Laptops. With this simple trick, you can set up it and enjoy on your laptop as well.

The good about this cheat, is that it will power all the apps on your PC. You can also download and stream videos with it.


  • To make sure this works on your device, please ensure you have Java Runtime installed on your system. You can google that, and download straight to your PC or laptop.
  • Get a premium account, to get a username and password. You need the username and password to input in the Tunnelguru PC app.

MTN Hammer VPN Free Browsing Cheat Settings For PC

  • The first thing you need to do, is download this crack version of the TunnelGuru PC app from HERE.
  • Connect your Modem or Mifi/Wifi with your MTN SIM to your PC. (Make sure the SIM is without active data)
  • Right-click on the Tunnelguru PC app you have downloaded and Run As Administrator
  • Then change the protocol to AntiDPI-UDP
  • Set Recommended Servers as: Singapore & France
  • Rport: 80 or 8080
  • Lport: 9201
  • Next is to click on Connect and enjoy.

Sometimes, your first connection may get an error message about TAP not being installed, just hold on for a pop up message to install TAP. Click install and wait.

Once successfully installed, go back to your Tunnelguru PC app and hit Connect.

DNS Settings For PC

  • Go to “control Panel”, then click on “View Network Status and Task”
  • Then click on “Active Network”
  • When a new pops-up, tap on “Properties”
  • Another window will open, Select and tap on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)”
  • Tick on “Use the following DNS server addresses”
  • In the first box, input and in the second box.

After successfully input your DNS address, kindly tap OK to continue and enjoy.

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  1. semrin says:

    Izit still working?

  2. moses says:

    hummer vpn is nt work on android aging… mtn av hack Hummer vpn

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