Having Fear Of Giving Online Exams? Here Is Something That Will Help You To Overcome It.

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With advancements in computer technology, the education system has been hit by the digitization wave. Many educational institutions and recruitment organizations have replaced the traditional pen and paper examination with computer based tests.

Most of the competitive exams such as SSC, RRB, JEE, GATE, Banking exams and more are now being conducted in online mode i.e., computer based tests only.

Whereas some students have accepted and adapted to this change by learning about the new online mode of examination, there are many students who still are not very much acquainted with this new mode of examination. Due to which, they have developed fear against online examination and lack confidence to attempt any.

Are you one of those who are studying for an online exam and want to know how you can attempt the online examination with confidence?

In that case, let’s talk about some effective tips that can help you overcome your fear of online exams so that you can attempt any computer based test with utmost confidence.

Attempt Regular Online Mock Test

In case you are not familiar with the computer based test experience, then it is recommended that you should start attempting online mock tests. Attempting online mock tests, offers a great simulation of the real computer based test experience and examination hall environment. You develop an ability to tackle questions popping on the screen while the clock is ticking.

You will learn to manage your time and speed properly, which is very crucial for a successful performance in the actual exam. Also, you will be able to evaluate your sectional as well as overall performance and get insights on your strengths and weaknesses.

Go Through the Instructions Carefully

Each exam has its own set of rules and guidelines that must be strictly followed while participating in the examination. Any doubt in instructions can land you in trouble or could waste your precious time during the exam.

Read the instructions and guidelines mentioned on the screen carefully in case of any doubts, approach the centre authorities. Clear all doubts before the start of the online test. Having clarity of these instructions will help remain calm before the timer starts, and will save you crucial seconds which you would have wasted otherwise.

Do not Panic

At times, you come across a complex question and you get stuck solving it or you make a small mistake that sends you into panic mode. It is important for you to understand that it is just an exam and not the end of the world.

Have faith in your preparation and attempt every question with utmost confidence. Remind yourself to be calm, even if you go blank or get stuck in a question as panicking will not work in your favour. Take deep breaths or take a sip of water timely to keep your stress level down.

In case you have low computer awareness, but are appearing for an exam which comprises a computer aptitude section, then you must enroll yourself in an Online computer course to learn about computer fundamentals and functions.

Attempt the Easy or Familiar Questions First

Regardless of the section you are starting with, you must right away skim through the questions and should first attempt those which are easy or familiar to you.

This way you can effortlessly collect marks for all easy questions without a fear of losing any when the timer runs out. Furthermore, this strategy also lets you save time and boost your confidence to solve complex questions later.

For instance, if you are attempting the quantitative aptitude section first and are good at Algebra, then you must start with questions based on algebra after which you should move on to questions from other topics.

Proper Time Management

Every exam has a stipulated time limit whether it is online or offline. We all know that every section in an online exam doesn’t require identical time if solved with proper speed and accuracy.

So when you are done with the questions of a section, move on to the next section without any further thought and in case of any left out question revisit later. Through this you will be able to give proper attention to all sections responsibly.

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