How To Install WhatsApp On Amazon Kindle Fire

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Have you wondered or thought about installing WhatsApp messenger on Amazon Kindle Fire? Then this post is for you cause we shall be looking at how you can do this. The Kindle Fire is a great device and having WhatsApp on it will even make it more exciting.

What Is Kindle Fire

For those who don’t know, Kindle Fire is a media tablet (a cross between a smart phone and a laptop tablet) made by Amazon. The device works by running on the Android operating system. The device doesn’t allow the download and installation of third-party software. It was first released back in November 2011.

The device works when you live in a country where Amazon supports Kindle Fire. Also, you must have an Amazon account to be able used the device. The device can be accessed using a Wi-Fi service and also by owning a debit or credit card with an address for that country where you live.

Enabling Installation Of Apps From Unknown Sources On Kindle Fire

Remember we said that the Amazon Kindle fire runs on the Android platform. Just like all Android devices, you need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources for the device to install WhatsApp messenger. You can do this by following the steps below.

  • From the Menu, go to Settings for those using the older version. Those using the newer Fire OS iterations (4.0 or later), need to go to the Security menu.
  • You should scroll down until you reach Unknown sources and tap the option to access it. Once the Unknown sources are enabled, you will be able to install third-party apps that do not appear on the Amazon Store.

Installing WhatsApp On Amazon Kindle Fire

To install WhatsApp on the device, go to WhatsApp official website and download the app from there.

A confirmation window might appear, you will have to confirm again on Download to confirm. Apart from this, you will be asked to open the downloaded file. Obviously, choose Open in the corresponding window.

As soon as you open the file, you will be directed to the WhatsApp installation window. Select Install and wait for Fire to do its magic. At the end of the installation, you can touch Open, now we can proceed with the configuration of the app.

When you are done with the downloading and installation, you need to launch the app, then select “Agree and Continue”, then confirm by tapping Continue in the pop-up window.

Two more pop-up windows appear asking you to grant access to your Kindle Fire. Tap Allow, so WhatsApp can use your media, photos, files, and contacts. If you deny access to media, photos, and files you can go back to this setting and allow access after the fact.

Now, you need to type the phone number and hit OK to confirm your choice. An SMS is sent to you with a verification code, type that code into the designated field and select Next. At this point, you’ve successfully signed in and you can use the app.


This method can also be used to install other messaging apps like Viber, Skype, Snapchat as well as Facebook. You also have the option to limit or block usage of these apps on the device.


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